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    Rules Empty Rules

    Post by Nitromeister on Mon May 18, 2009 12:48 pm

    1.No spamming! If you spam,you get warning!
    2.No porn/sex/nudity pictures or sites! You get banned!
    3.No flaming! It's annoying!
    4.No jokes about other members,if you don't have permission from them!
    5.No fake links,you can post them on forums,where is randomness!
    6.Remeber include few words in your post. Like "Okay! I think that is good idea." Not like "Ok."
    7.Remember give good critique if someone ask for it. Not like "It sucks! It sucks"
    8.No bumping! If topic is 3 pages far,don't post in it!
    9.No looting! Only in randomness forums!
    10.Finally,remember have fun and let's keep thsi place clean!

    These are the orders from Masters of FlowArcade!

    Check out the enclosed instruction page!

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